A journey is when you go on a journey

What does it mean to mean something? it means that you mean what you mean. But, how do we know we really mean what we mean and what it means to mean something?

Well, that’s a glimpse of how I feel when I am doubtful, fearful, and wandering. I need an answer and I used to look everywhere for it. No one and nothing could give me the answer I was looking for.

Who do you go to when you doubt Jesus? You go to Jesus Himself and cry out to him, surely enough He answered me and I cannot wait to share real life stories with you. I will write about how Jesus’ hand moved in my brothers life from beginning to where He is now, (He is truly a miracle of God) How Jesus saved me from an undercover shoot out in Revere Ma that I innocently walked by. How He sustained me and held me through four years of college being an undocumented immigrant. How he took me and my family out of a flooded basement. How Jesus was with me in the train ride to high school my freshman year in New York and the things I saw there. How through all of life Jesus has always been there with me and if I had not seen it or felt it, that was all on me. But now, I see Him and feel him and all of what He’s done for me, He did it because He loves me and not because I lived a certain life style. The things I did, and do every day do NOT define who Jesus is and I hope that I can share that with you in case you did not know. I’m sorry if you have encountered a pastor or a leader that has made you doubt in your faith or has made you stumble leading you to walk away from the Lord. I hope that you stay with me and that you give me a read.

I pray over these words and all I want to be is a source for God to speak to your life through what He is done in mine. Jesus is Lord of steadfast love and He does not control us, He only loves us and sustains us. He makes the sun rise over good and evil. With that being said, I am nothing and no one. “Just an instrument in the hands of the greatest” (had to quote my fave rapper Lecrae) So yeah, I am no one really, I’m not so interesting and maybe my life could be boring at times so if I was going to talk all about me I probably would not have much to say. It’s Him, He is the one, He is everything and I want to take this resource to glorify Him and share with nonbelievers about what I found and what in His name I pray you are able to find as well and that you are able to believe also.

This blog is the beginning of a journey where I will intentionally document life moments where I find joy and also life moments where things are hard and it’s harder to find that joy that we are commanded to live with. I aim to be super real with whoever is reading this and that my journey can not only entertain you but mainly inspire you, help you, minister you in any way possible. If my contribution to your day is 2% then I’ll take that! I know that the Lord is good and my focus is to shadow him and be an example of what it’s like to put all your trust in Him.

So, welcome and I hope you join me every week for a glimpse of real in a world full of make believe. Thanks for reading, be blessed.


Mimy Andrea.


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