on my way to twenty three (2)

Today was my last day as a 22 year old and well, here’s to a year that taught me a lot, a year that felt like would never come to an end, a year that made me stronger and a year that I will never forget! Here’s to being 22 and turning 23!

Here are 4 more lessons towards 23 lessons I learned <on my way twenty three>

17. Not everyone is worth confiding in.

This is probably the hardest lesson I’ve learned. I tend to be more trusting than skeptical about people… In high school I was all about having a bunch of best friends who I could tell everything to. But then life happened… Or at least a couple years happened… But enough time passed to allow me to learn that I don’t need a bunch of close friends. I’m fine with one or two if I’m lucky and even then, I learned not to tell people my darkest deepest secrets. I learned to talk to God behind closed doors because, He listens, He understands, He helps, He transforms, and through those conversations with God I am able to trust people with borders in a healthy way. Im not saying trust no one. What I’m saying is, be picky with who your close friends are. Not everyone deserves your precious deep secrets. Some conversations are to be just between you and the Lord. This is something I’m still working really on but deserves to be on this list considering I’ve made a lot of progress in this area.

18. Coffee is a gift from the heavens.

Seriously! Coffee is just amazing and to all you non coffee drinkers I don’t understand… I just don’t. But to each it’s own, I respect you… Like mad respect! But I just don’t understand.

19. You can’t give from what you don’t have.

I learned that I was not to find love, hope, or faith in someone else but in God who dwells in me. I learned that what I am feeding my soul and nourishing with is more important than I thought it was. I recently watched a video that talks deeply into this lessons, and it’s titled “what well are you drawing from?” By Heather Lindsay. (Will post link below) The music, the books, the tv shows, the people, they all play a huge part in your character developing. They affect you so much if you only draw from them. When I draw from the well of the living water, I can easily give others from what overflows within.

Watch video here: Which well are you drawing from?

20. Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about so try your best to always be kind.

When I understood this, I started understanding people. Those drivers with road rage on the road, those cashiers with an attitude, the nurse who barely looks at you. I understood that it was nothing that had to do with me personally, but battles that each person is fighting inside. It taught me that compassion is key in life.


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